US Forest Service – Pathways Internship Hiring Event, USAJOBS.gov April 6-12

Pathways Not-to-Exceed Internship Hiring Event

Current students interested in the available positions should apply on USAJOBS.gov April 6-12.

What You Need to Know

Current students, high school through Ph.D. level, will have opportunity to apply for paid Pathways Internships for the summer. Internships are available throughout the country and may last up to one year. These internships are open to students 16 years of age or older who are enrolled at least half-time in a qualifying education institution.

The following internships are available:

  • GS-0099-01 – General Support
  • GS-0399-03/04 – Administrative Support
  • GS-0399-05 – Administrative Support
  • GS-0499-03/04 – Forestry/Recreation/Natural Resources Support
  • GS-0499-05 – Forestry/Recreation/Natural Resources Support
  • GS-0899-03/04 – Engineering/Surveying Support
  • GS-1399-03/04 – Geology/Hydrology Support

Locations will be posted on the job announcements.

Qualification Information:

  • GS-1: Enrollment in a high school diploma or General Education Diploma (GED) program
  • GS-3: Completion of 1 full academic year of post-high school study (30 semester hours or equivalent)
  • GS-4: Completion of 2 full academic years of post-high school study or an associate’s degree (60 semester hours or equivalent)
  • GS-5: Completion of 4 academic years of post-high school leading to a bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree (120 semester hours or equivalent, leading to a degree)

What You Need to Do

Current students interested in the available positions should apply on USAJOBS.gov (Arcadia, CA – location) April 6-12.

Location Reference
Angeles National Forest, Arcadia, CA
San Bernardino National Forest, San Bernardino, CA
Los Padres National Forest, Goleta, CA
Cleveland National Forest, San Diego, CA