$30k Program Evaluation Contract – Request For Proposals – Pukúu Cultural Community Services

October 24, 2019

Pukúu Cultural Community Services
1019 Second Street
San Fernando, CA 91340

Makha Blu Wakpa, PhD
Director, Tutčint Youth Empowerment

Request for Proposal Tutčint Youth Empowerment Program Evaluation


Pukúu, Cultural Community Services (“Pukúu”) is seeking proposals from experienced and qualified firms or individuals for a two-phase evaluation of its Tutčint Youth Empowerment project. The Phase I evaluation will be carried out between November 4, 2019 and December 4, 2019. The Phase I Evaluation Report will be due by February 14, 2020. The Evaluation team will work with Pukúu to assess Phase I accomplishments in reaching their objectives. The Phase II Evaluation team will then work with Pukúu April 15, 2020-May 15, 2020 to revise data-collection strategies based on initial Phase I analyses. Evaluation team will base changes to existing tracking/data-collection strategies on what is learned from evaluation and help to develop future evaluation tools. Evaluation team will also develop new evaluation tools for summer programs. During Phase III, the Evaluation team will meet July 14, 2020- August 14, 2020 to produce three (3) Quarterly Reports. The Phase IV Evaluation team will produce the Annual Report through regular communication and monthly meetings from September 15, 2020 – November 15, 2020.


Since June 2019, Pukúu, in partnership with The City of San Fernando, is launching “Tutčint Youth Empowerment,” a program offering an alternative to arrest or incarceration for San Fernando and nearby children between the ages of 9-17 who are suspected of committing low-level offenses. We provide services after school, in-school, and with local juvenile probation locations.

The Evaluation team will determine most effective data-collection methods for the following Program Goals and Objectives:

1) Increase cultural competency
2) Reduce incarceration and recidivism
3) Increase academic success

TIMELINE and Budget
YEAR 1 Annual Report ($10,000 – $15,000)
The period during which the services described herein will start upon award of the contract. The contractor shall work with Pukúu to submit their End of Year Evaluation report by August 11, 2020.
YEAR 2 Evaluation ($5,000 – $7,500)
Contracted July 13, 2021- August 13, 2021 for End of Year Evaluation
YEAR 3 Evaluation ($5,000 – $7,500)
Contracted July 12, 2022- August 12, 2022 for End of Year Evaluation
YEAR 4 Evaluation ($5,000 – $7,500)
Contracted April 28, 2023- May 28, 2023 for End of Year Evaluation and Final Local Evaluation Report

Qualifications of the Contractor:
The contractor must have experience in community-based program evaluation; while showing proficiency in:
• Developing a data-collection system
• Collecting baseline data on key outcome and implementation areas.
• Implementation and Project Modification
• Assess organizational processes or environmental factors which are inhibiting or promoting project success.
• Describe project and assess reasons for changes from original implementation plan.
• Analyze feedback from staff and participants about successes/failures and use this information to modify the project.
• Provide information on short-term outcomes for stakeholders/decision makers.
• Use short-term outcome data to improve the project.
• Describe how you expect short-term outcomes to affect long-term outcomes.
• Continue to collect data on short- and long-term outcomes.
• Assess assumptions about how and why program works; modify as needed.

Part 1 – Written Proposals will be evaluated on overall best value for Pukúu based on quality, service, and other criteria set out in this RFP, but not limited to:
• The proposer’s demonstrated experience in similar projects;
• The proposer’s business and technical reputation and capabilities,
• The proposed plan of approach and work schedule;
• The proposed methodology for coordination with Pukúu; and
• The quality of submission.
Part 2 – Interview
The top candidates will be interviewed to determine which firm or consultant most closely meets the needs of Pukúu. Interviews will take place on November 13, 15, 18, 2019.

A completed Application Packet will include the following:
1. Letter of interest
2. Proposal
3. Relevant examples of past Evaluations and
4. List of References
5. Biographies

Proposals are due Monday November 11, 2019.
• Please email your application to Makha Blu Wakpa, Director at makha.bluwakpa@tataviam-nsn.us
• Please use ‘Program Evaluation RFP’ in the subject line. Questions? Feel free to contact Makha Blu Wakpa at the above email address.