Tutčint Youth Empowerment Participate “Summer Solstice”

On Saturday June 12, 2021, Tutčint Youth Empowerment “a program of Pukúu Cultural Community Services” celebrated the Summer Solstice, at San Buenaventura State Beach in Ventura, California.  Joining us was, Chumash/Tataviam Elder, Alan Salazar who shared information of the traditional village and use of Tomols (wooden canoes) by the Chumash, for transportation and fishing. He discussed their construction, how rowers must work in harmony with each other, the sea swells, and weather conditions on their journeys.  All information shared was from his personal experience as a canoer who’s made the annual community Tomol crossing from Channel Island Harbor in Oxnard to Limuw (Santa Cruz Island) many times since it’s revival in 2005. Also known for his Native storytelling, Alan related the creation story of the “Rainbow Bridge,” which recounts how the Chumash people came from Limuw to inhabit the mainland areas around Ventura. It was a day of recognizing and honoring coastal ancestors, their seafaring traditions, and enjoying the majesty of the Pacific Ocean.


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