The Fatherhood Journey Serves the Future of L.A.

THE FATHERHOOD JOURNEY is a sacred circle where fathers are given an opportunity to be more engaged in the lives of their children and serve as better role models. The Fatherhood Journey’s sole concern is geared towards the betterment of the future: our children.

Through support, fathers learn to be more loving, responsible and active participants in their children’s lives. The Fatherhood Journey has been holding weekly circles at the Rudy Ortega Sr. Park since May 2010. The program is open ended and intended to provide consistent opportunities for fathers to empower and improve themselves.

Our weekly circles keep the strength of our tradition. We prepare our hearts to receive, our ears to listen and our minds to learn from each other with a prayer to the “Creator”. We cleanse ourselves with sage. In our circle, we have laughed, we have cried, and we are learning just how impactful our moods, our words, our actions and inaction are to our children. We have learned that our children are like trees. Some are very young and are just beginning to form branches, while others are big and strong; already bearing fruit. Regardless of how big or how small these trees are, one thing remains the same: they still need someone to cultivate them. As fathers, we are those cultivators. We are growers of our children. The water that we use is wisdom and the sun they receive is our unconditional love in action. Yes, we still have our challenges with the soil, and the weather, but ultimately we know that our trees are our responsibility, our honor. It is our trees that make us cultivators. It is our children that make us real men.

Here is what some of the dads have to say about the Fatherhood Journey:

“In this present day, I feel that technology has replaced face to face interaction. Lately in my personal journey, I was beginning to feel like I was alone as a single parent. Fatherhood journey has brought a renewed “spirit” that I am not alone. I have met new people to share things with and get a new perspective. The spirit in our circle is like a camp near a river, where at the end of the day we can sit by the fire, eat, share and sing. To me, that is what is missing in the present… But above all else, let’s celebrate life together, for our children.” — JG

“Being a dad is one of the greatest privileges a man can have. Fatherhood Journey helps me remember this and constantly challenges me to be better for my kid.” — PJC

Even mom has something good to say:

“It is a really good program that nurtures a dad’s ability to be a good dad. My husband realizes just how important the time he spends with his son is and just how important the father-son relationship is.” — RC

The mission of Fatherhood Journey is to empower fathers to be more engaged in their children’s lives and serve as better role models. In doing so, we hope to eliminate the social woes in our community that stem from fatherlessness.

Upcoming Sessions

How you can help

Pukúu would like your support of the Fatherhood Journey Program!

What can you give? As a dedicated community supporter, you can help keep this program alive.

Check for @GivingAssistant in twitter and find all the information about this charity system, which involves shopping online for you and the money raised will be given to buy items for the education of children around the world.

Gift Cards: $50 grocery store gift card will provide session refreshments for an entire month.

Money: $250 will provide gas or public transportation assistance for participants who are unable to attend sessions due to transportation issues.