The Fatherhood Journey program works to create a more secure, stable environment for our children. Utilizing well-known methods and cultural beliefs, Pukúu has tailored the program to help our fathers create stronger connections with their kids, building meaningful bonds that impact our families for the rest of their lives.

The Fatherhood Journey presents 1 ½ hour weekly meetings with 3 groups, using an open-ended dialogue where every member is treated with respect and dignity. There is no judgment, labeling or diagnosing. The Journey’s sole concern is geared towards the betterment of the future: our children.


“To empower fathers to be more engaged in their children’s lives and serve as better role models.” In so doing, we hope to eliminate the social woes in our community that stem from fatherlessness.


Pukúu’s Fatherhood Journey program creates a sacred circle where fathers are given an opportunity to work through issues to identify and change how these issues affect their children. They can share both current and past experiences free of judgment, labeling or diagnosing.

As part of creating a more stable environment for these children, the child’s other caretaker — the mother or significant other — also participates in group sessions designed to give advantages to the child.


The 3 groups that make up the Fatherhood Journey are:

  • Men’s Circle– the biological fathers of the children participating in the program. If the father is absent, then the person acting as the child’s male role model/ father figure may participate.
  • Significant Other’s Circle– the mother or significant other from the perspective of the child. Whoever acts as the mother figure in the child’s life may attend this class.
  • Children’s Circle – focusing on creating a positive experience for the child by utilizing age-appropriate educational, creative and fun activities.

Both the Men’s and Significant Other’s circles use the same curriculum.


The Men’s and Children’s circles are held at the same time in the same facility. This is designed to allow the father and child time to interact before and after meetings. The Significant Other’s circle is held on a separate day and time. Each meeting is 1 ½ hours long and held weekly. The program is open-ended and intended to provide consistent opportunities for fathers to empower and improve themselves.