Culturally-Based Community Services

Northern Los Angeles County represents more than 30% of all Native Americans/American Indians in Los Angeles, which itself hosts the largest population of urban Native Americans in the entire country. Unlike other minorities, our service demographic is not centralized and thus suffers numerous hardships in delivery of services.


The One Stop Emergency Service (OSES) is a service provided by the Los Angeles County Community and Senior Services, Community Services American Indian Block Grant, and the Fernandeno Tataviam Band of Mission Indians to provide emergency assistance to low income American Indians who reside in Los Angeles County.

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Tutčint provides enrichment, academic support, and leadership activities for AIAN/Indigenous youth. Tutčint aims to create social justice leaders by reclaiming Indigenous Knowledges and focusing on the holistic approaches to well-being. 

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From grassroots programs to youth and families activities, Pukúu has given and continues to provide scholarships to university students through the Rudy Ortega Sr Scholarship Fund.

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A workforce development program for 18-26 year olds to become trained for outdoor careers while receiving a paid stipend.

Cultural Center

The only tribally operated cultural center in the Angeles National Forest, the center provides a space for community to gather and learn Traditional Ecological Knowledge within an outdoor experience. 

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