Pukúu Completes Annenberg Program

Strengthening Our Organization

On April 27th, Pukúu Cultural Community Services successfully completed Alchemy, a program of the Annenberg Foundation. The Annenberg Foundation believes that contributing to the strength and vitality of the non-profit sector can achieve deep impact in communities. With this goal firmly set, the Annenberg Foundation invested in the visionary leadership of Pukuu’s nonprofit executives and board members. Pukuu’s Board Chair, Executive Director, and Economic Development Director dedicated their time to the Alchemy program.

Annenberg’s Alchemy course shifts the way nonprofit executives and board members serve their organization. It builds on their commitment, aligning them in common purpose to ensure financial solvency, programmatic effectiveness, and organizational sustainability. Through participation in Alchemy, Pukuu’s ability to deliver high quality services to the region’s under-served and under-capitalized American Indian population will be maximized.