The goal of the One Stop Emergency Service (OSES) program is to offer temporary aid to low-income American Indians who encounter a financial emergency.

Low-Income Individuals may qualify to receive the following services:


  • Homeless individuals may receive temporary shelter for approximately 1 week.
  • One time rental assistance may be provided if it will prevent the individual or family from being evicted and becoming homeless.


  • A one-time food voucher for a local supermarket.
  • A food basket consisting of non-perishable food items


  • A one time emergency gas voucher for a local gas station


  • Partial payment may be made directly to the utility company in order to prevent a utility from being turned off.

Counseling & Referral

  • Educational counseling to individuals in high school and college.
  • Crisis counseling can also be provided as a secondary service.
  • Referrals to agencies that can service emergency needs such as medical services, employment services and health needs.

Cultural & Recreational

  • Documents needed for medical assistance, Medicare, etc.
  • Cultural Activities are organized throughout the year to provide social and communal celebrations of Native American heritage and culture.