Night with the Stars

Seventh Annual Scholarship

Thursday, November 3, 2011, 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.
Sportmen’s Lodge, 12833 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA


Sandra Franks, better known as “Sandy” (Cayuga/Cherokee), was born in Ventura, California. In her profession Ms. Franks is an expert in cultural education through the American Indian Education Program, Title VII of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

After losing both of her parents at an early age, Ms. Franks moved to Nebraska, Oklahoma to be raised by relatives. Ms. Franks soon returned to California at age of thirteen to live with her aunt and uncle where she attended middle and high schools. After her marriage to Don Franks (Creek), Ms. Franks furthered her education, receiving an Associate of Arts Degree from Pierce College in the San Fernando Valley.

Passionate for better cultural education of American Indian students in Los Angeles, Ms. Franks began her devotion of implementing all cultural aspects with the LAUSD in 1970. Ms. Franks was appointed the Native American community representative on the court order mandated desegregation of the Los Angeles School District.  In 1972 the American Indian Education Program was passed through congress and signed by President Nixon. It established a program for retaining the cultural identities of American Indian students, who were relocated to urban locations. Donald and Sandra Franks were the two parents who signed the proposal for the program to be implemented in the LAUSD. Continuing to the build the American Indian Program, Ms. Franks became one of the founding members of LAUSD American Indian Education Commission in 1975.

Ms. Franks continued her involvement with the American Indian Education Program in the early 80’s to establish and maintain multi-tribal cultural programs. Her responsibilities were to create lesson plans on American Indian Cultures for twenty-seven K-6 schools in the San Fernando Valley.

Ms. Franks belongs to many American Indian Organizations such as the American Indian Community Council, American Indian Families Partnership, and Tsa-La-Gi LA Cherokee Group for community members who live away from the Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Ms. Franks married Don Franks (Creek) in 1964 and has two children Donald R.  Franks (deceased), Laura R. Franks. Laura married Felipe Flores and grandson Stone Flores was born.

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