LA Native COVID 19 PSA

Pukuu is proud to be a cosponsor of this new PSA that helps to inform and raise awareness about COVID-19 for our Tribal and Urban Indian Communities. Check it out!!!!

Businesses are reopening but we must remember to continue to PROTECT our community. COVID-19 has NOT gone away. Practicing physical distancing and proper handwashing is an act of LOVE: For our languages, For our culture, For our knowledge keepers. Now more than ever CONNECTING to our traditions is a way to take care of our PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL health.

#ForOurAncestors #ForOurFamilies #ForOurFuture #LANativeCOVIDresponse #COVID19 #HealthyLANatives

Directed by: Robert A. Cuadra & Christian Aeschliman
Filmed and Edited by: Robert A. Cuadra
Produced by: Andrea Garcia, MD, Alexandra Valdes & Erik Brodt, MD
Music by: Artson Permissions granted courtesy of: Artson Murals by: Artists featured at 118 Winston Street including Votan (@NSRGNTS), River Garza, and Jaque Fragua. Special thanks to @AICommission @CANativeVote @CouncilmemberMitchOFarrell @indigenouscircleofwellness @PukuuCCS @TribalTANF @UAII.Inc