Our Vision

The Census happens once every ten years- its safe, secure, and easy.  The impact of the 2020 Census will be felt for the next ten years, so it is essential that we make sure that everyone is counted – not just for now, but for future generations!

Pukuú Cultural Community Services has continued to host events that are safe, informative and engaging in order to continue to promote to the community. With these Bi- weekly virtual events, Pukuú hopes to continue to connect with the indigenous community here in Los Angeles, as well as across Indian Country.

We would like to acknowledge that LA Country is the ancestral homelands of the Tataviam, Tongva, and the Chumash.

We acknowledge them as the past, present, and future caretakers of the lands.


Join us on Tuesday July 28, 2020
as we host a Virtual Pow Wow.
Yes a Virtual Pow Wow.
Time 11:30am-1:30pm
Land Recognition ✴ Prayer ❇Cake walk ✳ Free online giveaway/raffle *️⃣ Drive thru food Booth – Pre orders to be taken with pick up at tribal building in San Fernando, Ca.

✔Host Drum – Bearspring out of San Jacinto, Ca

✔Golden State Gourd Society

Headman 💥 Chaske Vasquez
Lakota Sioux/Salt River Pima

Headwoman ❤ Auriah Vasquez
Lakota Sioux/Salt River Pima

✔ Virtual free Raffle of Native American Community artist – ie; Ribbon skirt, beaded earrings



If you are interested in participating as an attendee, Vendor, and/or Powwow Dancer please follow registration button!

For any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Eric Sanchez or Avril avrilcordova@gmail.com

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