Join us on Saturday, November 2, 2019 at the Odyssey Restaurant, Granada Hills, California, to celebrate the 15th Annual Night with the Stars Gala in support of our scholarships and programming. The gala will be filled with sponsor reception, dinner, entertainment, and silent auctions.

Pukúu was established with the goal of creating and investing in programs that bridge and improve opportunities for Native Americans in our communities. Now, forty-seven years from its inception, Pukúu remains faithful in its mission by continuing to increase programs and services offered to Native Americans in Los Angeles County.

Support from our community is vital to our organization and allows us to achieve our goals each year. We rely on the donations of individuals, businesses, and organizations to serve every demographic within our communities. Your contribution would aid in providing scholarships to Native American students aiming to achieve higher education, as well as assist in the enrichment of Pukúu’s core programs.

Chrissie Castro

Chrissie Castro is a citizen of the Navajo Nation, and a social justice consultant working on national and international issues of equity for all peoples, including the self-determination of American Indian/Alaska Native communities. Currently, she serves as the network weaver of the Native Voice Network, a collaborative network of Native American families and organizations that mobilize through indigenous cultural values to inspire positive change in Native communities. Castro also serves as a senior consultant for the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP), a national organization that helps states, cities and neighborhoods improve results for children, youth and families. She currently serves as the chairperson of the Los Angeles City-County Native American Indian Commission, which promotes the development of programs and funding resources to serve urban American Indians and American Indian organizations. Castro is also a personal and executive coach and will earn her certification with the International Coach Federation in May 2016.

Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy’s service to the Pechanga Band began in 1992 when he was elected to the Tribal Council.  The general membership elected Mr. Murphy to serve on the first Pechanga Development Corporation Board of Directors (PDC) in 1995. During Murphy’s tenure, the PDC Board managed development and construction of the award-winning Pechanga Resort & Casino, the championship golf course, Journey at Pechanga, and the multi-million dollar renovation of the hotel lobby.

In 2002, Mr. Murphy was elected by fellow tribal leaders to serve as Secretary of the Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations (TASIN), a leading intergovernmental association of Southern California tribal governments. Murphy played an instrumental role in 2003 in building a coalition and advancing legislation to distribute monies from the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund to local communities that surround tribal casinos.  Those efforts have resulted in more than $100 million flowing to local communities for vital public services such as police and fire protection, road improvements, and afterschool programs throughout Southern California.

With nearly two decades of experience in the building and construction field, working his way from an entry-level position to project management, Murphy brings unique insight and experience to the economic development branch of the Pechanga Tribal Government.  Murphy also served with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as a volunteer firefighter for nearly a decade.

Jacque Nunez

Jacque Nunez, a member of the Acjachemen Nation has made a successful career out of sharing her Acjachemen ancestor’s story. She prides herself on preserving and passing her culture along through the oral Native American tradition of storytelling. While attending college at USC, she traveled across the country competing on the National Collegiate Speech Circuit and American Forensic League. Throughout her career she has received several esteemed awards, Lois Wright Memorial Award, Outstanding Service Award – Mayor Tom Bradley, Five Jewel Award for Outstanding Achievement, Outstanding Tribal Community Contribution Award and Most Outstanding Teacher Award. Jacque has also been given the opportunity to perform the National Anthem at both the unveiling of new United States Postal Stamps and the Angel’s Stadium. She has performed her Journeys to the Past on Stage for large venues such as Disneyland, Kavli Performing Arts Center and Special Arts Festival. While she continues storytelling at schools and large venues she recently taped and performed an original story on PBS Children’s Television Show. While creating her original story for PBS she was inspired to create a new series of children’s books. 


Fivepoint is California’s premier community builder, developing innovative coastal communities that redefine sustainable living in the 21st century. FivePoint recognizes that communities should be more than places to live and work—they are places to learn, explore, thrive and connect. FivePoint’s Newhall Ranch will be a landmark master-planned community that will help meet the needs of Los Angeles County with 11.5 million square feet of new commercial space, 74,000 permanent jobs and 21,500 homes. Importantly, it will also set a new standard of environmental sustainability with comprehensive measures to conserve natural resources and an unprecedented commitment to net zero greenhouse gas emissions during construction and operation and net zero energy homes and buildings. 

Jessa Calderón

Master of Ceremonies

At the age of 8 Jessa knew she would someday be a healer in the arts of Music as well as Massage Therapy. Between the gangs, drugs and alcohol easily accessible to the youth, Jessa like most youth growing up in the barrio found herself lost many a times. Jessa attributes her ability to maintain sobriety and understanding to her native roots and culture. Being of mostly Tongva, Chumash and Mexica descent, Jessa widely participates in her tribal communities. The artwork Jessa creates are mostly derived from personal experience. She hopes to reach out and heal as many people as she can through her lyrics.

Aztlan Underground

Aztlan Underground aka Anahuak Underground is a band from Los Angeles, California that combines Hip-Hop, Punk Rock, Jazz, and electronic music with Chican@ and Native American themes, and indigenous instrumentation. They are often cited as progenitors of Chican@/Native rap and hip-hop.

The Tewa

The Tewa is an up and coming  indigenous artist who varies from being a solo entertainer to a collective of indigenous talent from all corners of Southern California. His musical genre is eclectic: a melodious fusion of jazz, blues, and indigenous sounds. In his songs, you can hear a blend of soulful jazz instruments as well as the native flute and drum. Additionally, his ability to integrate powerful snippets of natural sounds allow the listener to venture beyond the present moment. Audiences, young and old alike, will resonate with the magical tunes of The Tewa.