Pukúu Board of Directors

Samantha Ortega


R. Tolteka Cuauhtin
Nahua Xicanx

Natalie Bodle
Fernandeno Tataviam

Miguel Mendivil
Akimel O’odham
Board member

Cathy Diaz
Seminole-Gila River Pima
Board member

Melissa McGeisey Diaz
Board member

Leon Worden
Board member

Robyn Gomez
Board member

Cathy Salas
Fernandeno Tataviam
Board member

Robert Vasquez
Fernandeno Tataviam
Board member

Our Staff & Volunteers

The expansion of Pukúu is due largely in part to the effort of the personnel, Board of Directors and many volunteers. Pukúu possesses a full-range of multitalented and adequately trained staff equipped to address all aspects of our programs. Our volunteers join our team to assist with program growth.

Eric Sanchez

Elisa Ornelas


Lorence Orosco