2016 Rudy Ortega Sr. Scholarship Recipients

Pukúu Cultural Community Services (Pukúu) is pleased and honor to announce the Rudy “Chief Little Bear” Ortega, Sr. Scholarship for 2016 awardees, Ms. Olivia Chilcote and Ms. Mallory Marcus.

Ms. Olivia Chilcote vision of pursing a doctorate in the tradition of Luiseño ancestor Pablo Tac, as you bring high school native youth to visit UC Berkeley is exceptional and worthy of our support.

Ms. Mallory Marcus vision of pursing her academic education as an NCAA Division I scholar athlete and increasing pride amongst Native youth for their heritage and culture is unique and worthy of our support.

Pukuu board reached this decision after careful reading and review of applications received. Both awardees applications, including their recommendations and essay/story were particularly moving and powerful with respect to your commitment to their tribe and being a community engaged scholar and univesity professor that motivates critical consciousness.